Creating an Account

Please click here to create an account. Only Kia Canada dealers are eligible to participate. You will be asked for your dealership's name and contact information. Please be sure to supply a valid, working e-mail address or you may not be notified once your application has been reviewed and accepted.

Resetting your Password

Please click here if you have forgotten your password. After providing your username and contact e-mail address a new password will be sent to you by e-mail. You are encouraged to change your password to something you will remember when you log on.

Updating your Profile

It is important to ensure the information in your profile is up-to-date and accurate. The website generates notification e-mails when offers are made on your listings and responses are made to your offers; if you do not have a valid e-mail address on file you will not receive these notifications. You can edit your profile by logging in and clicking on the My Profile icon in the main menu, or click here to go there directly.

To protect your account in case your browser is left unattended you are required to enter your current password before making any changes to your profile, including changing your password. To change your password enter the new password into the New Password and Confirm Password fields. Leave these fields blank if you would like to continue using your current password.

Adding and Editing a Listing

To create a new listing log in then click on the Add A Vehicle listing button in the main menu, or click here to go there directly.

If your listings have been imported from a third party source you will have to edit them to provide details which may be missing before they can be published.


First you will be asked to chose the program under which to list your vehicle. The default option is the Certified Pre-Owned option. You should only add a listing to the Certified Pre-Owned program if it meets all of the conditions of a CPO vehicle. If you are listing a used vehicle which is not covered by the CPO program select Used Inventory.

Depending on the options which have been enabled you may have one or two methods to sell your vehicle:
Buy Now (Wholesale) Provide a Buy Now price to display a button on your listing that other dealers can use to order the vehicle at a set price with a single click. You will have the opportunity to review the offer before accepting or rejecting it in case you no longer possess the inventory and have not been keeping your AGX account up-to-date.
Take Offers Select the Yes radio button to allow dealers to make an offer on your vehicle. You will have the opportunity to review the offer before accepting, rejecting or countering it. Provide a Minimum Offer price to automatically reject offers below that value.

General Information

Please provide as much information about the vehicle as you can. You must provide the following details or your listing can not be processed:
  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Odometer
  • VIN
Please use the Announcements field to provide any pertinent information or notes about the vehicle, particularly concerning damage or other defects.


There are a number of pre-defined options which you can select. It would be impossible to list every conceivable option so you are provided with a User-Defined Options form where you can enter your own text free-form. User-Defined Options might include things like Bluetooth or MP3 Player.

MVDA Declarations

Every question in the MVDA Declarations section must be answered truthfully or your listing will not be published.


At least one image must be uploaded or your listing will not be published. The first image will be the image that is used for your listing's thumbnail in search results and it is therefore the image which will have the most impact on selling your vehicle. For professional looking, consistent shots take your first photos at an angle from the vehicle's front left corner, as shown below. You should be standing to the right of the vehicle and far back enough to capture it entirely within the image.

Only images in the JPEG format are supported. For best results, dimensions of the images should be at least 400 pixels wide by 300 pixels high in the 4:3 aspect ratio.

Do NOT upload any logo or text in an image. Do NOT upload an image of a different vehicle, even if the vehicle shown in the picture is similar to the one you are listing. Failure to comply will result in your listing being edited, de-listed or removed by an administrator.
You are encouraged to upload as many photos of your vehicle(s) as reasonable. The more detail a buyer can see the more confident they will be. Please make the effort to photograph and document all damage, no matter how minor.

If you are editing a listing which already has images they will appear in order above the image upload form. You can use the trash can icon next to each thumbnail to delete an image. You can also change the order in which the thumbnails appear on your listing by changing the values in the text fields next to them and saving the listing.
Thumbnails are ordered from low to high; if you would like to change or correct the first image you can change its value to a higher number and change the correct image's value to zero.
To upload images click the Add files... button. Your browser's Open File dialogue box will open. Navigate to the location of the images on your computer or server.
You can upload multiple images at once, either by clicking the Add Files... button multiple times and adding files from different locations or by selecting multiple files in your browser's Open File dialogue box. To select multiple files click on the first file in a list then hold down the shift key and click the last file in the list. You can also hold down the control key to add or remove individual files from a selection.
Once you have selected the files you would like to upload a thumbnail, the name of the file and a progress bar will appear for each image under the image uploader toolbar. Click the Start Upload button in the toolbar to upload all of the selected images at the same time.

Uploaded images will not be saved to your listing until you click the save button at the bottom of the page.

Condition Reports and Inspection Reports

You must agree to purchase a CarProof vehicle history report and an inspection report by an approved third party inspection agency, chosen by AGX. Your order will be sent to CarProof and the inspection agency automatically after adding your listing, or after saving your listing if the reports have not already been requested. If you have already ordered a CarProof vehicle history report for the vehicle you are listing you will not be charged again. Your listing will not be published until the inspection agency has both performed the inspection and filed the report.

Publishing your Listing

Your listing will be automatically published to the site once these criteria have been met:
  • A Buy Now (Wholesale) price is provided and/or Offers are accepted
  • A CarProof report has been completed for the vehicle at your expense. A request for inspection is made automatically when you add or edit your listing.
  • A vehicle inspection report has been completed for this vehicle at your expense
  • All required fields have been completed
  • At least one photograph of the vehicle being listed must be uploaded
  • Every MVDA Declarations question must be answered
If your listings are automatically imported from a different service to AGX you will have to edit them to provide information which is not included in the import before they will be published.

Managing your Inventory

To manage your listings log in and click the My Inventory button, or click here to go there directly.

Once your listing meets all of the criteria mentioned above the alert icon W on the left will turn into a green checkmark V to indicate that your listing has been published.
Click the VIN of your vehicle to view its listing page.

The Images column I will contain an alert icon W if there are no images for that listing or the number of images if there are.

Click the Edit button V to edit your listing.

If your listing hasn't been published yet the reason(s) will be shown at the top of the edit page.
Once you have finished updating your listing save it to return to your inventory.
If you sell your vehicle outside of AGX please remember to Delete D it. For recordkeeping purposes, if an offer has been made on your listing in the past the delete button will not remove the listing but will de-list it, whether the offer was accepted or rejected.

Finding a Vehicle

Use the links at the top of the page to select what program you would like to search. Before entering any search criteria the page is populated with the complete inventory in that program ordered by most recently published to least recently published.

To narrow the list down enter your search criteria into the Search Form:
You can click the vehicle model or thumbnail to view its complete details. Click on Customer View if you are going to show the page to a client - details concerning the dealership offering the vehicle and pricing will be removed. The Customer View is how a listing page looks to anyone who is not logged in, it is safe to send a client a direct link to a listing by e-mail.
You can perform a side-by-side comparison of up to six vehicles by checking the box in the top right corner then clicking the Compare button Compare at the bottom of the page.

Click the Watch button W to add a vehicle to your Watch List.

Click the Vehicle History Report button W to view the vehicle's CarProof report.

Click the Vehicle Inspection Report button W to view the vehicle's Inspection Report.

Making an Offer

Once you have located a listing you would like to make an offer on by browsing or searching (see Finding a Vehicle) open its listing details page by clicking its model name or thumbnail.

Depending on the options available you may be provided with one or more ways to make an offer on a listing.

Buy Now (Wholesale)

A Buy Now offer is for a single, non-negotiable price set by the dealer selling the vehicle.

Make an Offer

A dealer may invite you to make an offer on their listing. You can bid what you feel is a fair price, greater than the reserve price (when supplied) in intervals of $50. A dealer may take multiple offers before accepting one, and is not obligated to accept any offers. The seller may choose to make a counter-offer to your offer if they feel a different price is more fair. If a counter-offer is made you can accept or reject the counter-offer.

You will have the opportunity to provide notes in your offer, select transportation and payment options.

Transport options include:
  • Vehicle Hauler
  • Self-Arranged Transportation
Payment options include:
  • KCI Floor Plan
  • Cheque

Managing and Responding to Offers

When an offer is made on your listing an e-mail notification is sent to the contact addresses of every account registered to your dealership. Due to the unreliable nature of e-mail delivery it is recommended that you keep an eye on your spam folder and periodically log in to AGX to ensure no offers have gone unnoticed.

If there are any outstanding offers on your listings the number of offers will appear on the My Alerts portion of the home page. To manage offers on your listings click on the My Offers icon. Offers you have made on other dealers' listings will be displayed under the heading Offers Sent. Offers which have been made on your listings are shown under the heading Offers Received.

Click on the View icon View to inspect the details of an offer.

On this page you will have the opportunity to accept or reject the buyer's offer, make a counter-offer (excluding Buy Now) or accept/reject a counter-offer made by the seller.

If you choose to accept an offer or counter-offer both parties will be notified by e-mail and the transaction will be sent to AGX staff for validation. Once the AGX staff have approved the transaction you will both be notified by e-mail and you may proceed to close the deal.